Pan & Zoom

Pan & Zoom allows you to zoom into a specific area of your demo. This allows you to highlight certain areas of your platform.

Ensure the call-to-action is placed within the Pan & Zoom window. This prevents any confusion, as the zoom focuses on a specific area. If the call-to-action is outside this area, it may not be visible to your audience.

Please note, the Pan & Zoom feature is currently only available on screenshot-based captures.

How to use Pan & Zoom:

  • Navigate to the "Call-To-Action" section within your Guideflow editor.

  • Toggle the Pan & Zoom option on.

  • Once activated, a window will appear in the center of your screen over the demo. This window represents the area of your demo that will be highlighted.

  • You can resize this window to cover the specific area you want to zoom into. Just click and drag the corners to make it larger or smaller.

  • To move the focus area, simply click and drag the window to the desired location within your demo.

  • Click on "Preview" to see how the Pan & Zoom effect will appear to your viewers. This is a great way to ensure that you’re highlighting the intended area effectively.

  • If the zoomed area isn't quite right, you can go back and make adjustments. Resize or reposition the window as needed until you’re satisfied with the focus area.

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