What is Guideflow?

Guideflow is a plug-and-play SaaS that enables anyone to create interactive demos, product tours, and step-by-step guides in seconds. A guideflow is an interactive demo that you can share with anyone via a link embedded on a website, through an email campaign, inside a help center article, etc.

A guideflow helps you show how to do something on an app or website, how a feature works, and its value. You can then use the guideflows you've created to boost your team's productivity, increase conversion rates and sales, or guide users into your platform.

Here is a guideflow example:

Here are some other examples of what you can use Guideflow for: Sales: As an interactive sales material to send inside cold outreach campaigns, follow-ups, or during live demos. Marketing: As an interactive product tour that you can embed in your website to increase conversions and collect leads information. Customer Success: As onboarding content to guide new users into using your solution and reduce the workload for CSM teams. Customer Support: As a guiding material to embed inside help center articles or to share with users to guide them through complex workflows on your solution. Employee training/onboarding: As a training material for internal use that you can insert in your company's knowledge base (to show how to use software like Salesforce with the company processes).

How does Guidelflow work?

Thanks to Guideflow, you can capture a workflow on any app or website, create a customized experience, share it, and get detailed performance analytics. Guideflow relies on a Chrome extension and the web app. Thanks to the Chrome extension, you can capture a workflow on an app or a website. All screens and interactions (clicks and scrolls) will be captured to generate an interactive experience. After you capture the workflow with the Chrome extension, you can customize and manage your guideflows through our web app. There, you'll be able to add call-to-actions, edit the theme of your guideflow to make it match your brand identity, access detailed analytics, and various sharing options.

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