Zapier integration

Zapier Integration with Guideflow: Automate Your Workflow

Guideflow's integration with Zapier opens up a world of possibilities for automating your workflows and enhancing the way you engage with leads and customers.

Zapier acts as a bridge between Guideflow and thousands of other apps, allowing you to create automated actions (Zaps) based on specific events in Guideflow.

This seamless connection ensures that every interaction within Guideflow can trigger a corresponding action in other tools without manual intervention.

Guideflow events available for Zapier triggers

  • Create New Lead: Triggers when a user fills in a form or uses a custom link within Guideflow.

  • External Link Clicked: Triggers when a user clicks an external link, usually at the final popup of a Guideflow.

  • First Interaction: Triggers when a user opens a flow in the Guideflow player.

  • Flow Completed: Triggers when a user has reached the end of the flow in the Guideflow player.

  • Session Ended: Triggers when a user closes the player tab or navigates away from the Guideflow.

  • Step Viewed: Triggers when a user has viewed a step in the Guideflow player.

How to activate the Zapier integration

  1. Find Guideflow in Zapier: In the Zapier dashboard, search for Guideflow under the apps and select it as the trigger for your Zap.

  2. Choose an Event: Select one of the Guideflow events listed above as the trigger for your Zap.

  3. Connect Your Guideflow Account: Follow the prompts to connect your Guideflow account to Zapier by providing the necessary authentication details.

  4. Set Up Trigger: Customize the trigger details based on the event you've chosen. For example, specify which Guideflow or steps are relevant for the trigger.

  5. Choose an Action App: After setting up the trigger, choose an app where the action will occur. This could be a CRM, email marketing tool, or any other app integrated with Zapier.

  6. Customize the Action: Define what action you want to take place in the chosen app when the Guideflow event occurs. This could involve creating a new record, sending an email, or updating a database.

Webhook integration via Zapier

In addition to the predefined events for triggers, Guideflow offers the flexibility to integrate with Zapier through webhooks.

This feature allows for even more customized and dynamic interactions between Guideflow and other apps in your workflow.

By using a webhook URL from Zapier, you can capture data in real time from Guideflow’s popups with forms and instantly trigger actions in countless other applications.

Setting up a Webhook with Zapier in Guideflow

  1. Create a Zapier Webhook: Start by creating a new Zap in Zapier and select the Webhooks by Zapier app as the trigger.

  2. Configure Webhook Settings: Zapier will provide you with a unique webhook URL. This URL is designed to capture the data sent from Guideflow.

  3. Paste Webhook URL in Guideflow: Navigate to the specific popup with a form in Guideflow where you want to capture data. In the form settings, you will find an option to paste the webhook URL provided by Zapier.

  4. Test the Webhook: Once you've pasted the webhook URL into Guideflow, perform a test submission to ensure that the data is correctly sent to Zapier. This step is crucial for verifying that the integration is functioning as intended.

  5. Set Up Action in Zapier: After confirming the webhook is successfully capturing data from Guideflow, proceed to select and configure the action app in Zapier. This is where you define what happens with the data captured by the webhook.

Example of automations

  • Lead Capture to Campaign Enrollment: When a lead fills in information on a popup form in Guideflow (Create New Lead event), set up a Zap to automatically add this lead to a campaign in Lemlist. This ensures immediate engagement through targeted email sequences.

  • Engagement-Based Follow-Up: For a more tailored approach, trigger an action when a user watches the last step of a Guideflow (Step Viewed event). This could initiate a personalized follow-up email via an email marketing tool like Mailchimp, offering further resources or scheduling a consultation based on the content they engaged with.

By integrating Guideflow with Zapier, you not only streamline your workflows but also create a more connected and responsive ecosystem around your Guideflows. Whether it's nurturing leads, enhancing customer engagement, or automating repetitive tasks, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

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