Add embed form popup

How to add your embed form

  1. Navigate to the "Popup" section in your Guideflow dashboard.

  2. Select one of the three popup locations: start, intermediate, or end.

  3. Choose the third type of popup, which is "Embed".

  4. Within the embed options, select "Eloqua" for direct integration.

  5. Customize the design and settings of your form on the Eloqua platform as needed.

  6. Paste the HTML code in your embed field.

The data collected from the form will be automatically sent to Eloqua for processing and analysis. Additionally, users have the flexibility to customize the design of the form directly within Eloqua.

How to manage your embed forms

  1. Open your Guideflow dashboard and go to the "Settings" tab.

  2. Look for the "Customization" section; within this, locate the "Embed forms" option.

  3. Upon selecting "Embed forms," you'll be presented with an overview of all embed forms currently created in your workspace.

  4. From this interface, you can:

    • Create a new form: Start the process of creating a new embed form to be used in your popups.

    • Search for a form: Utilize the search function to quickly find a specific form by its name.

    • Edit an existing form: Select any form from your list to modify its content, design, or integration type.

    • Delete a form: Remove any form that is no longer needed, permanently erasing it from your workspace.

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