What can I use Guideflow for?

Guideflows can be used for various use cases. Here is a quick overview of what you can use Guideflow for:

  • Sales: As an interactive sales material to send inside, cold outreach campaigns, follow-ups, or during live demos.

  • Marketing: As an interactive product tour that you can embed in your website to increase conversions and collect leads information.

  • Customer Success: As onboarding content to guide new users into using your solution, and reduce the workload for CSM teams.

  • Customer Support: As a guiding material to embed inside help center articles or to share with users to guide them through complex workflows on your solution.

  • Employee training/onboarding: As a training material for internal use that you can insert in your company's knowledge base (to show how to use software like Salesforce with the company processes).

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