Share your public link

Copy your public link to share your guideflow inside emails, social posts, messages, etc.

(e.g. share a guideflow's public link into your cold email outreach campaign)

Anyone with the link can open it without signing up for an account.

  • Click on the "Share" button at your editor's top right.

  • Click on the "Public link" button in the "Share Options" section.

  • Toggle on "Public access" located at the top right of your "Share Options" popup.

  • Once you finished customizing your "Public link" sharing options, click on the "Copy" button and paste the link where you want to share the guideflow.

Guideflow preview (GIF, Video, Image)

A preview provides a visual representation of a guideflow's content, it can be a GIF, video, or image.

(e.g., create a GIF guideflow preview to share it inside your emails)

  • If you would like to download a GIF, Video, or Image preview of your guideflow, click on the respective download buttons.

Tips: you can also access "Sharing options" from your dashboard. Select the guideflow you want to share, click on the "..." button, and click on "Share". You'll get the same "Share Options" popup.

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