Pipedrive integration

Pipedrive Integration Guideflow’s integration with Pipedrive enhances your lead management process by directly synchronizing data from interactive demos to your Pipedrive CRM.

This integration enables the automatic creation or update of Leads in Pipedrive, harnessing data from user interactions within Guideflow.

Integrating these insights allows you to tailor pipelines, dashboards, and reports, providing detailed analyses of your prospects' engagement and the effectiveness of your demos.

Integration features

Lead management

Automatically sync Guideflow demo interactions as new Leads or update existing ones in Pipedrive. This ensures your sales team always has the most current data, facilitating timely and relevant follow-ups.

Lead influence

Understand how Guideflow demos influence lead engagement within the sales process. By linking demo interactions with specific activities or stages in Pipedrive, you can identify which content most effectively moves leads through your sales funnel.

How to activate the Pipedrive integration

  1. In the Guideflow workspace, navigate to Integrations.

  2. Select Pipedrive under CRM, then click the "Install now" button to be redirected to the Pipedrive integration setup page.

  3. Click the "Connect" button on the Pipedrive integration card.

  4. Click "Allow and Install" to authorize Guideflow access to your Pipedrive account.

  5. Choose specific Guideflows in your workspace for Pipedrive data synchronization, or select the "Install for all Guideflows" option to apply the settings universally.

  6. Install the Guideflow app on the Pipedrive marketplace: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/marketplace/app/guideflow/9b674dba168ce7bd

Important notice for Guideflow users integrating with Pipedrive

Please be aware that the identification and synchronization of lead data to Pipedrive rely significantly on the following methods and key identifiers:

Lead identification

Effectively populate Pipedrive with lead data using one of two methods:

  • Form Popup within Guideflow, designed to collect lead information directly.

  • Custom Link that includes the lead's information, such as their email, as a variable within the link itself.

Events sent to Pipedrive

Guideflow is set up to send event data to Pipedrive. The lead data must include the lead's email address, whether obtained from a form or a variable within a custom link. The email acts as the primary identifier, linking the lead data between Guideflow and Pipedrive.

Existing Leads

If a lead with the same email already exists in your Pipedrive CRM, Pipedrive will automatically merge the incoming information with the existing lead record, using the email as the key identifier. This ensures that the lead’s interactions and data are unified and up-to-date within Pipedrive.

In cases where Pipedrive detects a duplicate, it may prompt you to review and confirm the merge to maintain data integrity. If there is no existing lead matching the email, Pipedrive will automatically create a new lead record, incorporating all relevant interactions from Guideflow.

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