Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics is a comprehensive analytics platform that tracks and reports website traffic. It's valuable for understanding user behavior on web and mobile platforms.

With Guideflow's integration, you can send Guideflow analytics directly to your Google Analytics account.

Capturing key events such as the first Interaction, creation of a new lead, step views, external link clicks, and the completion and end of a session.

How to Connect Google Analytics:

The different steps:

  1. Navigate to 'Integrations' within your Guideflow dashboard.

  2. Select Google Analytics under 'Analytics', then click 'Connect'.

  3. In Google Analytics, access 'Settings', find 'Data Streams' under 'Property Settings', then locate your web stream details to copy the Measurement ID.

  4. Paste the Measurement ID into Guideflow's Google Analytics integration settings.

  5. Under 'Measurement Protocol API Secrets' in Google Analytics, copy the API key.

  6. Paste the API secret into the integration settings.

  7. Choose the events you wish to track.

  8. Apply the integration across all guideflows or select specific ones.

Testing your integration:

After setup, interact with a guideflow to ensure events are properly recorded in Google Analytics. This verification confirms the integration's success, enabling you to leverage Google Analytics for deeper insights into user interactions with your Guideflows.

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