Mixpanel integration

Mixpanel is a powerful analytics tool that helps you track user interactions with your web or mobile applications. This tool collects data that can be used to build custom reports and measure user engagement and retention. Mixpanel is particularly helpful for web applications, especially SaaS, but it also supports mobile apps.

Thanks to Guideflow's integration with Mixpanel, you can send the Guideflow analytics data to your Mixpanel account.

Including the available events:

  • First Interaction: The first time a user interacts with the guideflow.

  • Create New Lead: The event is triggered when a new lead is created.

  • Step Viewed: The event triggered after the step was visited.

  • External Link Clicked: The event triggered when a user clicks on a link leading to an external website or resource.

  • Completed: The event marking the completion of guideflow.

  • Session Ended: The event is triggered when a user closes the guideflow tab.

How to connect Mixpanel:

The different steps:

  1. In your Guideflow dashboard, go to 'Integrations' in your workspace.

  2. Look for Mixpanel under 'Analytics' and click 'Connect'.

  3. Choose where your server is located.

  4. Go to your Mixpanel, find 'Project Settings', and copy your project token.

  5. Paste the token into Guideflow's Mixpanel integration section as the 'write key'.

  6. Choose which user actions in Guideflow you want to track in Mixpanel.

  7. Decide if you want this for all guideflows or just specific ones.

Test your integration:

After setting up, try interacting with a Guideflow. Then, check Mixpanel's 'Events' to see if the Guideflow actions are recorded. This helps make sure everything's working right.

By setting up this integration, you make it easier to see how users interact with your Guideflows, helping you make better decisions to improve their experience.

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