Session analytics

Get detailed analytics about your users' sessions such as time spent, completion rate, steps viewed, etc. to increase the guideflow's performance. Get to know how a specific lead interacts with your guideflow. Discover all your user sessions in one place and deep dive into a specific user session to better understand viewer behavior and engagement.

(e.g. check if a specific lead opened your guideflow and if he completed it or not)

Captured data from Forms will be displayed in session analytics.

Global "Sessions" analytics

Scroll down to get a quick overview of high-level session analytics such as completion rate for example.

  • Click on the "Analytics" tab at the top of your editor.

  • Click on the "Sessions" tab.

  • Analyse various statistics related to specific sessions:

    • Activity: Name of the user (if available) and its IP.

    • Last view: Last time this user viewed your guideflow.

    • Time spent: The time the user spent watching your guideflow.

    • Conversion: Inform you if the user filled a lead generation form in your guideflow.

    • Completion rate: Percentage of completion of your guideflow by the viewer.

Detailed "Sessions" analytics

Deep dive into detailed analytics to understand the behavior of a specific user.

  • Click on the "Analytics" tab located in the header of your editor.

  • Click on the "Sessions" tab.

  • If you want the analytics for a specific period, click on "All", and change the time frame by selecting one of the following options: All, Today, This Week, This Month, This Year, or Custom.

  • Click on "Details" for a given session and get information about:

    • Session City, browser, country, OS, device type, and source.

    • User Attributes: based on variables you created (learn how to create variables).

    • Completion: the average completion rate by guideflow step.

  • If you want to download a report of your analytics, click on the "Download button". We will send you an email with your report.

Sessions analytics can be displayed on several pages if there are many.

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