Embed your guideflow

Guideflow can be embedded everywhere that supports iFrame. An iFrame allows you to display your guideflow on external websites, help centers, etc

Copy your embed widget code to share your guideflow everywhere.

(e.g. embed your guideflow on your landing page, help center, or directly into your blog)

  • Click on the "Share" button located at the top right of your editor.

  • Click on the "Embed widget" button in the "Share Options" section.

  • Toggle on "Public access" located at the top right of your "Share Options" popup.

  • Copy the embed code by clicking on the "Copy" button

Make sure that you enabled public access on your guideflow before sharing it.

You can embed your guideflow in tools of different categories:

Some websites or apps require a specific format to embed the guideflow. If you need any additional assistance, reach us at contact@guideflow.com or via our live chat.

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