Segment integration

Segment is a powerful analytics integration tool that helps you collect and analyze user interaction data from your web or mobile applications.

This tool collects data that can be used to build custom reports and measure user engagement and retention across various platforms.

Thanks to Guideflow's integration with Segment, you can send the Guideflow analytics data to your Segment account.

How to connect Segment:

The different steps:

  1. In your Guideflow dashboard, go to 'Integrations' in your workspace.

  2. Look for Segment under 'Analytics' and click 'Connect'.

  3. Go to your Segment workspace, find 'Sources', and create a new source for your application.

  4. After creating the source, find the 'Write Key' in the source settings.

  5. Paste the 'Write Key' into Guideflow's Segment integration section.

  6. Choose which user actions in Guideflow you want to track in Segment.

  7. Decide if you want this for all Guideflows or just specific ones.

By setting up this integration, you create a view of how users interact with your Guideflows across all your analytics and marketing platforms, helping you make informed decisions to enhance their experience.

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