How to edit a Sandbox/Clickable demo

How to create a Sandbox/Clickable demo

  1. Go to the website, platform, or app you want to capture.

  2. Open the Chrome extension

  3. Click on the gear icon on the top right to open the settings.

  4. Toggle on "Sandbox Mode" under your Chrome extension settings.

  5. Start capturing all the clicks with the HTML-capture.

  6. This will automatically link all elements in your demo.

Be sure to capture all screens you want to showcase to your leads.

Auto-linking screens

During HTML recording, the screens you capture are automatically linked to their respective buttons by default.

Be sure to toggle on "Sandbox capture" in your Guideflow Chrome extension settings.

How to edit a Sandbox/Clickable demo

Linking screens manually

  1. Choose an element in the captured screen.

  2. Click the 'link' icon and choose the target screen.

  3. Click the "Apply to all steps" button to create links for the selected element across all steps. This is useful if you have the same element repeating on different screens and want to apply the same link to all of them.

Click on an empty space in the demo to instantly highlight all clickable links in blue color.

HTML editor

The HTML editor allows you to edit the elements of your demo like text, graphs, images, etc.

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