Sandbox/Clickable demos

Guideflow's interactive demos are available in two types: guided demos and sandbox/clickable demos:

  • Guided demo: A guided demo is an interactive demo that guides users through a specific flow, to showcase the value of a specific feature, use case, etc of a product thanks to call-to-actions such as hotspots, walkthroughs, spotlights, etc. Guided demos are structured to ensure that users see key features and functionalities, making them ideal for leading prospects through a defined path and ensuring they understand the product's value. These demos are typically shared at the top of the sales funnel to highlight the lead and the main value proposition and to create an "aha" moment.

  • Sandbox/clickable demo: A clickable demo is an interactive demo that mimics the actual product or a live demo environment to give the ability to the audience explore the product by itself. During the capture, all the elements you will click on will be connected to replicate the product. It allows users they interact with the real product. They are ideal for live demos, product tour pages, and sales calls with presenter notes. These demos are typically shared in the middle of the sales funnel when the lead is already more knowledgeable.

How to switch between Guided and Sandbox demo

  1. Go to settings in the right panel

  2. Switch to Guide to showcase call-to-actions

  3. Switch to Sandbox to allow exploration

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