HTML capture

Guideflow captures the HTML and CSS of your step to let you fully customize it later for your audience.

(e.g. capture your product's dashboard to customize the logo for each customer)

  • Open the tab you want to capture.

  • Open Guideflow's Chrome Extension.

  • Select "HTML capture".

  • Guideflow will capture all the page content.

  • If you want to pause or cancel the current capture, you can use our widget on the bottom left by clicking on Guideflow's logo.

  • Once you finish capturing your flow, click "Complete" in the widget or "Finish recording" in your Chrome extension.

  • Guideflow will open the editor. Learn how to edit your HTML capture.

Once you click on "complete" to finish your HTML capture it may take 15 to 30 seconds to generate your guideflow depending on the page's size you've just captured.

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